Monday, March 31, 2014

You Copied Rihanna!!

Vibe Magazine has set out to point 10 trend worthy styles Rihanna has ever inspired. From the looks of it and for the sake of argument these are not trends that Rihanna started but for the sake of selling the article I'll play along.

Let's see where YOU copied Rihanna.

1. The Rihanna Bob
2. Mohawks
3. Bowl Cuts

4. Bright Red Hair
5. Stiletto Nails
6. Tattoos
7. Grey Hair
8. Doobie Wraps

9. Smoking Weed
10. Dark roots , blonde ends

Vibe tried it!! IMO most (ALL) of these are recycled styles but have shot to success AGAIN once the pop artist took them under her wing. Do I need to comment on the weed, tattoos, red hair...I mean BRIGHT red hair and bowl cuts?

Again, they tried it!! Had Vibe added Chris Brown or Drake I would have been more inclined to buy into this.

What have you tried all thanks to Rihanna? I'll pageboy haircut was mostly in part due to how great it looked on the Barbadian beauty...

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