Friday, April 11, 2014

Kylie Jenner Responds To Plastic Surgery Rumors

If you noticed the evolution of Kylie Jenner as of lately don't think it's just you. The sixteen-year-old in my opinion is noticeably more polished at times in the face but not so much as I would accuse her of cosmetic I have hinted with Kendal Jenner.

I myself knew nothing about the rumors of plastic surgery until Kylie mention them via Twitter.

I obviously noticed the change in her appearance but how would that sound if I accused a sixteen-year-old of plastic surgery? Yeah both her parents are cosmetic addicts but that woul dbe like implying she could only be beautiful with the help of a surgeon...nah? She's only 16!!!

I will say that I believe Kylie's recent popularity has gained her a glam squad who could probably transform Mike Tyson into a petite woman and not too mention she's 16 now. Between the glam squad and the luxury of being a teenager  she's been afforded her this new look IMO.

I'm going to leave this alone...for now. I'm more concerned about her going to school and having a normal life which neither of the two are happening.

BUT I will say her top lip looks rather larger now...maybe she's still growing.

As long as she doesn't get an ass she'll be fine...

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