Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Rihanna Goes Topless For Lui Magazine


If you follow Rihanna on Instagram you are no longer surprised that she posed topless for Lui mag and you may be more familiar with her areolas than yours. Rihanna has been teasing fans with the racy photos featuring a nipple piercing from the spread and today we get to see the final product.

Check out the unedited cover...

How do we feel about Rihanna posing topless? I understand she's been deemed the bad gal of pop but is this taking things too far? What is left to the imagination? Is she doing anything that hasn't been done before?

I don't know how to feel but I feel odd for HER and I don't know why. It's her prerogative but it doesn't mean I agree with it.

BTW, does this bish ever look bad?!

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