Wednesday, April 30, 2014

VIDEO: Porsha Williams Gets Grilled By Sherri Shepherd On 'The View'

Somebody get me bullhorn so Sherri Shepherd can hear me yelling for her to STFU!!

OK so I'm good for eternity if I never hear the word bully again. With that said, Porsha is doing damage control in an effort to beat her charges and keep her job. I don't judge her for doing so because most people would famous or not if given the opportunity to but the delivery seems phony.

Kenya Moore, in my opinion, provoked Porsha Williams and Porsha responded. What I don't get is the over hype of the situation. We've seen multiple reality show fights as well as reunion show altercations but why won't this one go away?

I pray this is Porsha's last interview until she sits down with Andy Cohen to  be fired  speak her peace next week. You can be innocent or guilty all you want but if you lack the means to prove otherwise your SOL in this instance.

In the real world what Porsha did was dayum near protocol but in the business of television you have to consider every brand you put in jeopardy not just yours. As you can see, Kenya is sitting back NOW looking real pretty while Porsha calls scepters weapons.

If you're not too busy, watch the video again and pay close attention as to what is being said and done by those NAUGHT involved in the physical altercation. I hope Porsha isn't as ditzy as she comes off...

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