Thursday, May 15, 2014

NEW MUSIC: Tiny & Shekinah "Cut Her Off (REMIX)"

Lawd, Tiny is firing shots at her allegedly estranged husband T.I.?

Should we assume this little cover song is honor of Tip and the recent outing of side chick/baby mama? I would assume so...this ain't no coincidence!!

Allegedly, T.I. and Tiny have been having issues since the Grammys early this year. Tiny even admitted to the issues during the event on The Wendy Williams Show while promoting their show  The Family Hustle all by her lonesome.

Now the rumors have grown and Tip reportedly has a new baby on the way with another woman who has been featured in photos with Tip this past Mother's Day. Reportedly she posted Facebook pics of the rapper stating he cooked for her while Tiny spent the day sans Tip.

Who took the dayum picture is the question I have to ask before delving into the paper plate and cup?

Anywho, I speculate Tiny and T.I. will keep up with the charades until the end of this season of The Family Hustle then call it quits. The show sucks because it's obvious the two don't film together and it's very obvious that T.I. and Tiny are no longer an item now that Tiny is currently pursuing her dreams with the celebrity moms show and now her music even though the first taste was rather ratchet. There's always been whispers that T.I. kept Tiny away from pursuing her musical dreams and what not but we shall see.

BTW, the song isn't that's just ratchet as hell for two 30 plus year old women.

UPDATE: The woman in the photos is NOW claiming she was simply invited over but her ex-boyfriend is stating otherwise.

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