Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Prayers For Paul Mooney

I just learned that comedian Paul Mooney is suffering from prostate cancer. Some reports have gone on to allege that Paul is in stage four of colon cancer. His brother, Rudy Mooney, who is also his caretaker if we shall say at the moment, confirmed the news to Rolling Out mag.

Many people in the elite black comedy world have kept a secret for well over a year; their friend, mentor and colleague, Paul Mooney, is sick. 
Many people who do not know Mooney spread rumors or made horrible assumptions about his health. But Mooney has been battling  prostate cancer for well over a year and it has taken its toll. The once robust, burly, laughing black man now uses a wheelchair and cane. 
But Mooney hid it well; he continued to do his stand-up comedy routine. But now he needs the assistance of a cane and someone who has his back, his brother, Rudy Mooney. 
“I’ve been with Paul since the start of this thing,” stated Rudy Mooney to rolling out and Rudy will be there until the end. But it does not look like that end is coming soon. Paul Mooney is still traveling all over the country, from coast to coast and even Canada. The longtime Oakland, California, resident can’t and won’t sit still.

Mooney recently appeared on The Arsenio Hall Show where rumors regarding his health began to swirl.

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My prayers are with Paul.

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