Thursday, June 12, 2014

SPOTTED: The Not Too Happy Carter Family In NYC

And these people do not look happy and I'm not talking your normal "these paps are killing my vibe" irked I mean Bey looks as if she's ready to call Solange while Jay Z and Blue Ivy look as if they were suddenly awakened.

I know Bey isn't crying? Something is up here, you almost never see this couple looking consecutively upset. Hell when Solange beat Jay's ass in the elevator the girls still managed to smile walking out of the hotel but here...!!

Anywho in effed up news, I hear there's some chick from Bravo's Princesses: Long Island  denying claims that she is/was sleeping with Jay while some other crazy pest has started a petition to comb Blue's hair...

No wonder the Carters seems so annoyed...I wonder if they ever think about moving abroad? Celebs love to claim life over there is always better than here where their privacy is of no concern.

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