Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Apollo Nida Sentenced To Eight Years In Prison

Do we think Phaedra will stay or flee the marriage?
Nida was sentenced to eight years in prison, a chambers clerk for Judge Charles A Pannell, Jr., told Radar. After that, he will serve five years of supervised release, or parole. Nida must pay restitution, but that amount has not been determined yet. The court expects him to surrender himself into custody in four to six weeks. He was present for the sentencing.

Word on the street is, Phaedra hasn't been holding Apollo down. She was a no show in court during sentencing for what I am assuming is her attempt to not be tied into this. She's an attorney herself but eight years is a long time and $2 mil is a lot of money NAUGHT to notice.

I would hope Phaedra played her cards right. If she leaves this man and has any skeletons in her closet he WILL begin to release them. What else doe she have to loose other than eight years of his life?

I could make jokes and accusations all day but the truth here is that an entire family suffers including two young children who need and should have a father.

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