Friday, October 3, 2014

POTENTIAL COUPLE ALERT: Kendall Jenner And Justin Bieber + Selena Gomez's Reaction

I'm not so sure that the Biebs and Kendall Jenner are officially dating and I'm pretty sure Kris Jenner wouldn't confirm the news boy but do I bet she loves it.

While Kendall has been in Paris for Fashion Week she has been joined by her momager, her sister Kim Kardashian who refuses to let Kendall outshine her, her niece North and of course her fashion slore uncle Kanye West among a few other Kim K hangerons.

Anywho, while in Paris Kendall was in a club setting WITH alcohol (she's of age in Paris to drink ...if she did) partying with her sister, Ciara, Riccardo Tisci, a few other people including Justin Bieber who some may have mistaken for Vanilla Ice.


While the celebration looked innocent like friends coming together in a foreign city it's more photos and videos that has fueled the Justin Bieber romance.

Where was everyone...including Kendall's mother and better yey Justin's girlfriend who went to Paris with him when these two were spotted leaving Ferdi restaurant together with Kendall hiding her face while in Paris?

I'm sure Selena Gomez has a few questions of her own being as though she and Justin are what many consider back together and just a week ago were on vacation in the Carribean together then traveled to Paris together. And to make matters worst Selena and the Jenner sisters were good friends until reportedly around Coachella...and reportedly because of Justin. reports that there was an argument caught on tape about his business meeting with Kendall for which Justin claimed he had to do in Paris (without her momager) and the two have split because of it.

“Justin explained to Selena that he ‘had’ to have a business meeting with Kendall and that the only time they could both meet was at dinner,” our insider revealed. “He actually told her about the dinner meeting before they arrived in Paris and Selena was infuriated.”
Indeed she was — a fan happened to catch that fight on tape before they hopped on a plane to Paris! (Well, if not thatspecific fight, then certainly one of many.)
Could this be a showmance in the making? Although Kendall isn't old enough to drink or buy alcohol in the states she is of legal age to date Biebs unlike her little sister Kylie Jenner who has been reportedly linked to rapper Tyga and seen recently looking as if they're on a date and plenty more questionable situations.

Hopefully Kris can fix these rumors...starting with Selena,

Then maybe Kris can explain to Karrueche Tran why Kendall has been like a shadow to Chris Brown lately. Her girls seem to have no problem going for another woman's man...

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