Thursday, October 2, 2014

Who Will Replace Joan Rivers On 'Fashion Police'?

From what I keep hearing the either NeNe Leakes or comedian Kathy Griffin, who was a dear friend to Joan Rivers, are front runners for the position. Melissa Rivers announced on an emotional Fashion Police: Celebrating Joan tribute show for her mother that the show would go on and return in January 2015 along with a new anchor. From the jump before we were all speculating whether the show would or should come back I thought Kathy Griffin would be perfect for the gig but now not so much and it has nothing to do with NeNe Leakes.

Speaking of NeNe Leakes is her name being thrown out there simply to keep the show relevant while they figure things out? She is not fashionable although Kathy doesn't appear to be either I watched her reality show where she seemed to be a label whore but most of the clothing were nice.

Anywho, back to NeNe. Also, I don't think NeNe can hold a show on her own unless the script or some bitches to cuss out. Although I'd love to see an African American woman on the panel I just don't think it should be NeNe. Like, who thought of this? She can't even say "bridesmaids" let alone anchor a show.

I guess I'm not alone in how I feel if we're believing what Life & Style mag is putting out.

"The remaining hosts of ‘Fashion Police’ weren't thrilled about Kathy Griffin, but they're certainly not on board with the possibility of NeNe Leakes taking over,” an insider tells Life & Style. “The news that NeNe is in talks to replace Joan has everyone up in arms EXCEPT the E! executives!”
"Melissa thinks it's a huge mistake and Kelly and Giuliana think it's an outrage...They're afraid that it will become the NeNe Show,” the insider added.“Melissa just doesn't think NeNe should be in the running and definitely doesn't think she even comes close to filling her mother's shoes.”

And last but definitely not least I've heard Kimora Lee's name thrown out there as well but not as much as Kathy and NeNe. Although I think Kimora can get annoying after a while I think she's more than qualified for the job. She can be witty but most of all she knows fashion and will NAUGHT bite her tongue.

I guess we shall see on January 12 (my born day) when the show returns for the Golden Globes. I just hope they don't try too hard to get someone to mimic Joan because her humor could never be duplicated as she was icon. She started the whole red carpet "who are you wearing?" phenom. If anything I would like to see a face with some color up there or even a man but as long as the show is still good I'll watch faithfully as I use to.

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