Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Lil Wayne Throws His Daughter A Lavish Sweet Sixteen Fit For TV

Lil Wayne and his daughter's mother Toya Wright threw their first born child Reginae Carter a sweet sixteen party fit for an adult from the gifts to the guest list in ATL at Summerour Studio.

Reginae's Winter White themed party was filled to what looked like capacity with celebs from all walks of life including adult life. Guests included: Nicki Minaj who performed, T.I., Tiny, the sons Quincy and Christian Combs along with their mother Kim Porter, a slew of Lil Wayne's baby's mothers, Fantasia, Steve Harvey's son and Lil Wayne's fiance Dhea just to name a few. No, Christina Milian didn't make it.

The real stars of the evening were the two vehicles gifted to Reginae. The 16-year-old received a red BMV from her father as well as a Ferrari GTO from her mother and step-father Memphitz.

At first earshot I figured the Ferrari was all for show and her mother would drive the vehicle. I mean seriously, who the hell would insure her to drive this car? But now I see it was also for SHOW.

I'm assuming the abundance of ATL celebs in the building are due more to the fact that this party is being filmed for MTV.

And I'll watch...

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