Tuesday, December 9, 2014

TRAILER: 'Christina Milian Turned Up'

Judging from Christina Milian's intro to her new E! reality show I will say she's not too thrilled about motherhood and blames it for the decline in her career. Basically, some ish I wish she wouldn't have said in an effort to sell a show that she's doing for a check to support herself/daughter.

Anywho, the title is all wrong but I'm sure I'll tune in simply to be in the loop during social gathering. Check out the trailer.

The one and only thing I agree with that Christina has said is that THIS is her last chance.

If you're interested or want to see if Lil Wayne is still trying to sell us on a relationship with Christina tune into E! January 18 for 'Christina Milian Delusional Turned Up'.

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