Thursday, January 8, 2015

VIDEO: Phylicia Rashad Sets The Record Straight About Being Misquoted

When I first heard of the news that Phylicia Rashad was standing behind Bill Cosby amid the allegations of over 20 women who claim he sexually assaulted years ago I was shocked. Mostly because I figured things must have gotten worst than we had believed...until I read the article that started all this.

Now I know this may sound strange considering the platform, but I am trying to stop judging people, places and things as much this year (I'll figure out a new direction for N.R.) but it was hard for me to believe what I was reading simply because of what I was reading. Not only was the article not writen very well but it didn't make since.

Now, as the extraordinary “Selma” lunch– which featured a brilliant performance by Common and John Legend of their theme song, “Glory”– Rashad and I had a talk about Cosby. No less than Harry Belafonte and Ruben Santiago Hudson were hovering above us as we chatted. Let’s make something clear. Rashad, who is one of our greatest stage actresses, has kept quiet, didn’t seek me out, and even said “I don’t want to become part of the public debate.”

Why would Phylicia Rashad choose to speak NOW to THIS person of all people and media outlets at a "SELMA"event. Well since then Ms. Rashad has sat down with ABC News to state correctly what she said as she feels she was misquoted.

This is wonderful woman. She could have slammed this guy for starting this story about her but all she said was that she was "misquoted".We need more like her.

I will say she has me thinking more and more about who or what is behind this destruction of Bill Cosby's legacy. I've seen so many more people be found guilty of acts and not lose a thing yet an accusation has me no longer able to watch my fav TV show. I'm not dismissing the claims just noticing a few thangs.

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