Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Taraji P. Henson To Pen Memoir?

It's sounding like it!!

Taraji P. Henson has always been haute shit to me (and it doesn't hurt that she is a DMV local) but it looks like the masses didn't catch on until Empire but that's cool...we she'll take it.

Anywho, with her first stint as a host on Saturday Night Live over the weekend Taraji has finally arrived (to the masses) and with appearance now there's talks of a memoir according to USA Today.

The 37 INK/Atria Publishing Group announced Thursday it will publish the as-yet-untitled memoirs by the Oscar-nominated Henson, whose role as the scenery-chewing, finger-wagging Cookie has made her a breakout star of the hit Fox series.

I really pray folks aren't thinking Cookie Lyon is writing a book nor that Taraji's life is anything like that...

Go, Taraji!!

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