Monday, April 20, 2015

YAY OR NAY: Vivica A. Fox To Join The Cast Of 'Hollywood Divas'?

Aren't we a little early ending Vivica A. Fox's career? I'm not a fan of the Diva franchise so I don't tune in too often but I must admit I can't imagine Vivica on this show. I will say I have to agree with much of what Wendy Williams said last week about the subject...except I know Vivica was not in 'Pulp Fiction'.

6:00 MARK

I think she meant 'Kill Bill'...

Anywho, although I think Vivica isn't quite an A-lister by Hollywood standards but I must say she is urban cinema royalty in a way. Before the cosmetic surgeries and Curtis Jackson, Aunt Viv was hott shit on our screens. I do think reality shows lik the Divas are sorta the last stop before you're done officially and I don't think Vivica is there yet.

PLUS all these women do is argue and try to outshine one another. It's not like they're all breaking the box office on the regular. And speaking of the box offices, Vivica is gearing up for 'Independence Day 2' and if Will Smith joins the cast this may be career revival for her.

But in the meantime, I'll watch to see who throws some 50 Cent shade at Viv first.

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