Friday, May 29, 2015

I WANNA BE DOWN: Brandy Shares Her Make-Up Routine

Well she did, but technically she didn't. What I got from these two videos is what I also knew and believed...Brandy doesn't age and her skin is dayum near flawless.

A video posted by The Next Brandy (@4everbrandy) on

A video posted by The Next Brandy (@4everbrandy) on

Although this was partially pointless, its nice to see women in Hollywood who still wear natural make-up/looks. I simply hate the shake and bake look celebs like Kylie Jenner and Lilly Ghalichiare now rocking. They look like those doll babies with the eyes that open and shut with lashes courtesy of make-up artists like Ariel Tejada.

Nothing against Ariel's work (a successful 19-year-old), he does have these ladies casket sharp in the face, but I prefer Renny Vasquez's work. I mean, look at Brandy!!

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