Friday, June 26, 2015

Karrueche Tran Talks Beauty And Plastic Surgery With Elle Magazine

I'm starting to believe Chris Brown and his "ex" Karrueche Tran are in cahoots when it comes to Tran's 15-minutes of fame. Elle magazine is labeling her as an "actress" when I swear last week she was a model but from Tran's own mouth it seems like she is simply a for hire club hostess. Now someone explain to me why I am reading about a party host in Elle magazine?!

Aywho, check out a few snippets from the interview where Karrueche dishes about her plastic surgery plans and her go to beauty products.

Karrueche Tran opens the door to her New York City hotel suite. She is barefoot with a mouthful of toothpaste, wearing a bathrobe that swallows her 5-foot-1 frame. After a weekend in Miami, the actress and ex-girlfriend of Chris Brown hasn't slept in days. "I was out every night until like six in the morning," Tran says. "We don't go to the club until one or two o'clock, so we're up all night."
But don't call her a party girl. Night time public appearances are part of Tran's job, but she prefers making tacos at home or hiding out at the Korean spas in her native Los Angeles. "I'll have a girls day with my cousins and with my friends," she says. "We'll sit in the jacuzzi, the steam room, and they have like a hot jade room, and then we'll get massages, facials, and face masks."
Here, Tran talks hair fixes, weight gain, and secret plastic surgery plans.
On having perfect skin:Kiehl's is my dermatologist. I love their facial moisturizer and I use their deodorant. Their body butter, that's really good too. I've been using Clean & Clear face wash since high school, and I love that it's a simple wash that gets the job done. The Morning Burst beads give my face a cool, refreshed feeling. I love using Mario Badescu Facial Spray while traveling. Sometimes the air circulation on the plane makes my face dry, so it keeps me refreshed and hydrated. But I do a lot of at home stuff. I get those little face masks from Target for like a dollar a pack, and I just keep it on for 30 minutes and clean my house and then rinse off.
On fitness:I haven't been working out as much, but I used to do TRX, which is a suspension workout. It works out your entire body. Boxing is good too. One, you learn how to fight, and two, it works. If you box, you'll know how to move. But I've never been in a real fight.
On plastic surgery:You have to be careful because you never know what will happen or how your body is going to react. I'm going to see a doctor and get a consultation just to see what's out there. They can make your boobs bigger on the computer. And again, I'm not going to go out there and get double-Ds. I'm going to get cute little perky boobies.

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