Wednesday, July 8, 2015

DAMAGE CONTROL: Kris Jenner Steps Out With Kylie Jenner

Well what did Kylie Jenner do to finally deserve some quality time with her mom? Nothing, but "date " a grown ass man who has been allegedly sleeping with a transgender woman.

After the big spill about Tyga's extra curricular activities, while remaining "close friends" with Kylie, Kris Jenner and Kylie stepped out for the premiere of  'The Gallows'  at Hollywood High School sans the other paychecks daughters.

While this may look like a typical outing for Kris, as she typically walks on the coat tails of her daughters, this is not typical of Kylie as of late. Since when have we seen her without her BFF Tyga? Since the news broke that he is messing around on her!!!

When all else fails Kris Jenner will always scoop her babies up when they are front page news in an attempt to capitalize off their public crisis. Some new lips, tons of make up and a night ont he twon to prove you're alright all while Mommy pretends to be your rock holding you up so you won't fall. Kylie, don't fall fo rit!!

Poor girl,  needs a little attention and love from her parents which would hopefully uplift her confience to not alter her looks and date trashy men. One part of me believes Kris Jenner set this whole transgender revelation up just in time for Kylie's 18th birthday. Tyga was getting too close and too influential. Next thing you know Kris would have another Scott Disick on her hands...and we see what he's up to these days.

Mmmmm hmmm, if Tyga wasn't a victim of The Kris Jenner Machine that began all this you best believe he is now. Ask Lamar Odom!!

BTW, Kris is looking dayum good...Bruce Caitlyn wishes she had thos elegs.

Photos: Source: David Buchan/Getty Images North America

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