Wednesday, July 15, 2015

FASHION PAUSE: Gomez And Morticia Adams Inspired Looks

I know what you're thinking but first let me take you there...

Kanye West and a busty Kim Kardashian stepped out for yet  another date night staying true to fashion in all black...about six different tones of black to be exact.

Kim is no newbie to the color black having been photographed millions of times clad in all black. Heck, even her sisters and mother LOVE LOVE LOVE black so I won't blame this all on Kanye yet I will place most her recent fails on him tho.

Speaking of fashion, blame and Kanye, get into Kanye's Keebler Elf booties. I'm sure those boots cost more than my opinion, which is the sad part, but they are beyond feminine for someone as militant as he. What int he hell happened to the Kanye we once grew to love for not only his music but his unorthodox fashion?

Am I the only one who remembers Kanye getting it right?

Maybe this is a case of someone letting himself go after marriage.  Now he looks like he smokes, drinks and sleeps in his clothes for days. Let me find out Amber took Kanye's swag.

Check out some of Kanye's recent hit and miss looks. If I had to give his style a name it would definitely be...refuge chic.

Wouldn't it be some shit if all these less than stellar looks become trends in a few years?

"Just to be like ni**a you ain't up on this!!"

The effed up part of Kanye's fashion sense is that he's ruining Kim's.

There was a time when Gomez and Morticia Kimye were what some people deemed fashion icons. Now they're nothing but two emotionless walking dark clouds.

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