Wednesday, July 22, 2015

GTFOH NEWS: Elle Magazine Credits Katy Perry As A Trendsetter

I've never been one to really find offense when other races (I am African American) feed off our culture or better yet simply copy what we've been accustomed to for years as if it were new and just discovered. If you're not totally following me here I'll give you an example...

Elle magazine is of the opinion that Katy Perry re-awakened the trend of baby hairs.

As if women of color haven't been pronouncing our baby hairs for years or better yet as if Chilli from TLC, the Ambassador of  the brown gel and toothbrush movement, hasn't been rocking her baby hairs since it was loved, frowned upon and loved again.

Like, really? Y'all just gonna give Katy all this glory when her shits aren't even legit? Hell, I didn't know the chick was serious. I figured her impersonation of  "baby hairs" was just another gimmick for her to garner attention. I'd credit North West with bringing the trend back before Katy.

I'm not going to spend precious moments that I can never get back explaining why I think Elle magazine is full of shit.
I will say, Katy didn't start a thing. She simply copied history and failed just as miserably as Elle magazine. This is not a trend at all. Some women with fine hair or unruly hair have no choice but to tame their hairs around their edges with gel (ECO styler I hope) to obtain a polished look or simply to stunt.

See, she didn't start a hairs weren't that much a thing of the past.

And BTW those aren't hardly Katy's edges, more like over sensationalized bangs plastered around her hair line.

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