Monday, July 20, 2015

Teresa Giudice To Appear On Husband's Reality Show Spinoff

The Giudices were obviously big ratings for Bravo with Joe Giudice acquiring a two-part spin off show before his Real Housewives Of New Jersey alum wife Teresa Guidice. Never in the history of any show that revolves around women have I ever seen a husband get a spin off but when your wife, one of the biggest names affiliated with the network, is in prison serving a 15-month sentence and you're on your way for 41-months right after her to execs this must scream: BIGGER RATINGS.

Joe's spin off will chronicle his role as Mr. Mom in Teresa's absence, And although Teresa is in jail she will appear on Joe's spin off but not in person. She is said to appear via telephone from the confines of her new residence at the Federal Corrections Institution in Danbury, Connecticut.

Honestly, this will be ratings heaven for Bravo while just as good a deal for the Giudices, Joe's spin off special is another means for income for Teresa who has been behind bars since January of this year. She will get paid for her "appearance' on the reality show even if only via phone. The Son of Sam law will not prevent Teresa from making money while incarcerated.

And speaking of making money, it's being reported that Teresa is keeping a daily journal that she may turn into a memoir and also plans to return to RHONJ when she is released in February of next year. But I think if this special goes as planned the Giudice's should have their own reality show rather than send her into a pack of wolves who will stress and judge her upon her release.

I will definitely tune into anything Teresa does especially a spin off but RHONJ will due for now. Jersey use to be my fav of the Housewives franchise until it became Family Feud  and became boring as hell. I hope Teresa returns like she never left and still fabulous as hell!!

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