Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Naya Rivera And Kim K Are Twins!

I highly doubt that Kim Kardashian was flattered by Naya Rivera's recent attempt at copying her style once again. Yep, she idi it again. Naya debuted a nude pregnancy photo on the same day that Kim dropped hers.

Kim posted the photo in an effort to denounce rumors that she was not actually pregnant. Not a statement, not a sonogram, no  belly close up only a full naked silhouette could put those rumors to rest.

Naya had a little more class with her ass. She actually posed for a legit photographer, Brian Bowmen Smith,  for a Yahoo Exclusive interview where she dished about pregnancy as she has since the news broke in February, Naya has a pregnancy blog and tons of pictures on her Instagram account chronicling her first experience at motherhood. Now, I have no idea why Naya is nude other than Kim does it but he spread looks nice...and creepy....but more than anything justified.

Whether intentional or surgeon manufactured the two beauties are undoubtedly very reminiscent to one another....they can't keep shit to themselves.

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