Tuesday, September 22, 2015

North West Needs Our "Help"

It looks like North West had a little tantrum while out with her mom. It sounds like the child is asking for "help" but y'all be the judge.

A video posted by @its_northwest on

After listening to this it sounds like the child is saying "no" as well. There is no telling why she is asking "help" and/or saying "no" but she is two-years old and there are about a million paps waiting to take hers and her mother's picture.

I simply wish Kim Kardashian and Kanye would use their celebrity to have more discreet arrivals and departures for their child's sake. This is not, and should not be, normalcy to someone this young. I'm sure we'll never see a Jenner nor Kardashian advocating for the privacy of their children when it comes to paparazzi.

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