Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Tea Time With Serena Williams And Kim Kardashian

Serena Williams spent the night before she battles her sister Venus Williams on the court for the 27th time at the US Open quarterfinals with pal  Kim Kardashian. The two shared an intimate Italian dinner in NYC captured by Kardashin for social media sharing.

You can say a lot oabot Kim Kardashian but her choice in friends are grand. Many people are of the opinion that Kim (and fam) uses celebrities of a certain caliber and organic talent for their benefit. But c'mon, is Serena that NAIVE?

I wonder if that tea spillage had anything to do with Drake? Or maybe Kim was her good luck charm like she was for Reggie Bush. Don't even get me started on Kim's tennis appropriate attire should she show face today.

Anywho, congrats to the Williams sisters and their achievements...they already WON!!

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