Monday, October 5, 2015

Meet Kylie Jenners' "Twin"

Not  Kylie.

Kylie Jenner now knows what Kim Kardashian must have felt like when she copied her style because she now to has someone doing the ever exact same thing to her.

Let's meet 19-year-old Gabrielle Waters from Hartland, Michigan.

She, by her own self-admission, has put the time and effort into looking exactly like Kylie. She even has the Jenner teen's mannerisms down pack. 

Gabrielle claims that she didn't not have intentions to look like Kylie until she began being told she looked like her. 

"At first I didn't actually try to look like Kylie but when people started telling me I looked like her I thought it would be fun to start dressing and doing my makeup just like she does."
"I use bare minerals foundation, eyeshadow, fake eyelashes, some blush and whirl and one of Kylie's signature Mac lip liners to get my lips a little bigger."

As to why she really likes Kylie...
"I like how she's independent, how she's bought her own home and has a whole bunch of clothing lines she's attached to.Kylie's worked hard for the money and achieved so much at a young age - she's my idol, she's so inspirational."
I won't even attempt to school this 19-year-old on how SHE contributed to the fact that Kylie is now independent. This is rather cute for now and I'm sure Kylie is honored...she did the same damn thing to Kim.

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