Monday, October 7, 2013

SPLITSVILLE: NeNe Leakes and Marlo Hampton??

While doing an interview with Entertainment Weekly  NeNe Leakes spoke of her wedding drama we are now seeing on her Bravo spin off I Dream of NeNe: The Wedding. As most of you know, last week's episode showed NeNe's longtime friend, Diana Gowins, and new friend, Marlo Hampton, having quite the dispute with one another which Marlo has already spoken out about.

Check out what NeNe had to say about the ladies and their on screen beef.

ho was the most difficult person to deal with during the wedding?
The most difficult people were Marlo Hampton and Diana Gowins. When I say difficult, it was unbelievable that they could not step outside of themselves and say that this is a wedding for NeNe, our friend, and let’s just be here to support her. They argued most of the time, they were never really satisfied. They were very difficult in different ways. After working with Marlo on the show, I could see why she was not a housewife, because she’s super difficult. She’s super extra.
What was the change from when Marlo and Diana were on with you on Housewives to now?
When Marlo and I worked on Real Housewives, she was just appearing here and there. When we worked on I Dream of Nene, I could see her business sense, and it just wasn’t attractive. Diana is a good girlfriend of mine, we’ve been friends for a very long time. It was very hard for her to see me befriend other girls. She became super-protective, a security guard, a gate keeper, just everything you can think of. That is her nature. What I would say to her is “I’m in the business to meet other women, and if I  choose to go out on a dinner date with another girlfriend, what’s your problem?” So that was crazy. They’re definitely bridesmaid-zillas. They forgot that the word bridesmaid ends in “maid.” Just wear what I ask you to wear, just do that.
Do you feel Diana was right in how she dealt with Marlo, being that she felt that Marlo was nothing more than an opportunist?
I feel like Diana’s intentions in protecting me were, well, it’s just the way that she went about it, that was the problem.
Who was the person with the least drama you had to deal with?
My girlfriend Mashella Hampton, she was the very least drama. Cynthia Bailey as well. She was one of the easier bridesmaids.

Judging from NeNe's choice of words I'd say she and Marlo are no longer the friends they use to be but I'll simply wait for Marlo's know it's coming!

Now I will say I think NeNe knew what she was getting herself into. Hell, I knew from Marlo's appearance on The Real Housewives of Atlanta that she was a diva, difficult and would probably not mesh well with why didn't NeNe know this or did she?

If anything I would think NeNe would have said she and Marlo worked together on RHOA not on her wedding...that right there tells a lot. This is simply woman too grown for drama acting a dayum fool on television.

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